Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wake Up

I'm reading quite a few posts and news items about the "bad, evil" people in the USA Congress or the "bad, evil" in the Presidential Administration who are doing "everything" wrong because it doesn't agree with the writer's political point of view.

Then, this is usually ended with some polemic or another of "throw the bums out" or "vote, vote, vote."

Wake the hell up.

The USA is NOT a country of the people, by the people and for the people unless "people" is defined as The Club of ultra-rich powerful folk that are really running things -- and you ain't one of them, Mr/Ms Voter.

Obama's 50th birthday is being marked by an "intimate" little gathering of 1100 people who are each paying between $50 and $3000 to attend. (How many $50 tickets do you think there are?) You got $3000 to toss his way? How about $3000 to toss his way several times before the 2012 election; and, several $3000 gifts to plop into the coffers of your favorite senators and representatives? Oh, and don't forget that you can "encourage" all of the corporations, for which you are a Director, or political action committees, for which you are a Director, to do the same.

You in that Club? I didn't think so.

But wait ... there's more!

The little get together for 1100 is only for the riff raff. The VIP's (?!?) are attending a different "special" party where the entrance fee is $5000 to $15,000 per.

I wonder why The Club can afford to spend so much money? All told, most people are estimating that the 2012 election will run in the neighborhood of $8 billion. Yes ... billion, with a B.

Do the "people" have that kind of money to donate? The Club does.

I often use the following "great revelation" to make people think about the futility of fighting this monster. Obama is expected to top the $1 billion mark for his re-election campaign of 2012. Obviously, whomever is his Republican opponent will have to match that (and they will.) Quite certainly Mr's Obama and Whomever don't have that kind of money to personally spend, so almost all of it will come from donations from The Club.

All to land a job which pays only $400,000 per year? For a job that is so tough that the "winner" is certainly going to age 10 years for every 4 he spends in office. Oh ... do the damn math.

And, do you think the poor dumb sap that gets that Oval Office REALLY runs things? Come on -- even a dumb monkey like "W" was in that office and The Club just grew richer and richer. [Bet you were thinking I wasn't going to get in another shot at Dubya. Ha ha. I'm very resourceful.]

During “that other damn Democrat’s administration,” prior to Dubya, The Club was losing a little wealth and power in the world because the US cut back and back on military projects, canceling them right and left. Then came 9/11.

Yay! We got ourselves a jenyouwine war!

But, shit, we can kick that little despot's ass in Iraq in a week. We gotta have a Real War so that our (The Club's) companies can sell We The People lots and lots of munitions and equipment and food and medical supplies and fuel and, oh, just tons of stuff.

Oh, yeah ... Afghanistan! The country that either hasn't been conquerable, or has bankrupted the conqueror, for the last 2,000 years. Sounds good to The Club.

Now, TEN YEARS later, have YOU made any money off of the war, other than maybe a salary? Nah. (You’ve just made all of the sacrifices.)

Did The Club make any money?

Why, yes they have, thank you very much. By the time you read this, the number will be $1.3 TRILLION. Kind of makes a stinking $8 billion look like a damn good investment, doesn't it.

So, yell and scream. Write lots of political screeds damning those damn Democrats/Republicans. Get out the vote. Send in your pissant little $100 donation to the Party of your choice.

But just keep the noise down a little. The Club has to get some sleep so that they can wake up in time to control whomever you elect.

Comes the revolution ... don't call me. I'm too old and I'm retired. Let somebody else get killed fighting the military might controlled by The Club. I’ll be watching from here in paradise and I’ll be sure to write and tell you what I think.

You’re welcome.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You'll Die!

Recently, I overheard a lady on a cellphone telling someone, "No, don't use Splenda! It causes Alzheimer's Disease."

Sure it does, and breathing air apparently (in your case, lady) gives a person a mega-case of the screaming yellow stupids. You're the living proof.

A few years ago it was Equal. A few decades ago it was saccharine, which absolutely positively caused cancer in millions of people ... oops ... they were wrong. Remember cyclamates? Cyclamates ... we're all going to die!

Coffee's good for you. Coffee's bad for you.

Red wine makes you live longer. Red wine kills you.

Water becomes a magical medicine because it "remembers" having some poison or chemical in it, even after it has been diluted down to the equivalent of a thimble-full of that chemical dumped onto the Pacific (homeopathy ... don't get me started.)

Where on Earth do so many people get so many ignorant urban legends and false "scientific" information? The Internet, of course; or, their best friend's aunt's boyfriend's boss. Therefore, it HAS to be true.

News Flash, sheeple: Just because YOU or your buddy reads something, it probably means that it is NOT true if it's on the Internet as a "new scientific discovery" or the latest easy way to do something hard. It is highly UN-likely that you would be reading or hearing about anything which has been newly scientifically proven because those results are only published in peer reviewed professional journals -- and you don't subscribe to any of those, do you, Big Dog.

Even worse, Stud Master, is if you hear something startling or controversial reported by broadcast news. Broadcast "journalists" have degenerated from the likes of Murrow and Cronkite to a collection of some of the most shockingly ignorant buffoons ever to grace any "profession." Nowadays, their only purpose is to look pretty/handsome, act like they're your best friend and confidant while they read fluffy, entertaining dreck, written by some 1st year J-school intern who is barely literate.

Finally, P-L-E-A-S-E stop forwarding emails to me about dangers and discoveries or for that matter, any damn thing -- especially if it's about Obama or politics or ...

Oh. Wait. I'm saving that for another screed.