Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Distraction

I was busy writing my first Stir Star Drivers aricle when I got distracted by a pet peeve. Soon I was going on and on about a little tiny sub-article of this bigger stupid drivers topic. Well, the only solution is to break this topic out from the regular Pudding Heads rants and give it a life of its own.

Disclaimer: I normally won't descend to the depths of name calling, swearing or red herring. Below, I depart from this.

Here goes.

The first (perhaps only, ever) 4-stir Pudding Head Award (Kind of like a 4-Star General of Sub-Intellect) goes to ...

Vehicles still sporting W-04 stickers

Where to begin? I guess I should start out with a

WARNING: The following rant is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN or sensitive psyche folk; so, do NOT continue if you are under 18 years of age or are offended by raw cussing.


Are you gone yet?


The cussing follows immediately below:

Scrape that fucking W-04 sticker off your fucking car you stupid stupid stupid fuck.

In 2000, you are forgiven. I even fell for the George W campaign that year. My reasoning was: kind of a dummy; but, seems like a good person; and, he’s surrounded by really experienced people; and, look at the alternative (ack!)

But, by 2004, you were still supporting the guy? Were you living in the deepest reaches of the Congo or somewhere like a Patagonian mountain summit? Even though Kerry was a sickening alternate choice, you still should have been on board with the ABB (Anybody But Bush) movement. O.K., I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you worked for the Republican Party or you were subject to some peer pressure.

Now, it is 2008 people. “W” is now ready to assume the role of probably the worst post-agricultural-age former president of all. The guy is now subject to open evaluation and the ledger doesn’t look good:

• W is public proof that you can college educate a chimpanzee; and, that a masters degree from one of the most prestigious business schools doesn’t help at all.
• This is a super-rich frat-boy prankster that never grew up. He thinks life is fun. His handlers know better. They are dancing their clown in front of your eyes so that you can’t see what they’ve done or wanted to do. (Even they couldn’t pull off all of their plans. See the next bullet.)
• The economy has been in a train wreck and might be declared “totaled.”
• Pollution is worse and we now have had 8 more years of doing nothing about it.
• Even Monkey-Boy has recently admitted that perhaps he may have been mistaken about global warming. Maybe he should have “believed” sooner and started on a road to using his power to mitigate the problem.
• Gasoline at $4.00?!? Oops. [giggle] Darn! [tee hee] Should have done something. [guffaw]
• We now know the answer to the question, “How in the world can people spend hundreds of millions of dollars to win a job (the presidency) that only pays $400,000.00 per year?” Answer: $120.00 per barrel oil. Geez. Do the math. When Weenie-Boy took office, the price was under $35.
• We’re engaged in a piggy-bank-busting war in Afghanistan so that WE can bring “freedom” and “democracy” to these people. You shit head. This “country” has been the site of occupation, war, disputes and every other sort of human conflict since at least 2000 … BCE! Now YOU are going to swish in and “fix” things. Oh, that’s right, you were a business major, not a history major.
• We’re engaged in a war in Iraq (and, for all intents and purposes, Iran) which is also breaking the bank here at home. Sure, sure, their dictator was a very bad guy. But, given an opportunity for an open and honest expression of their inner feelings no Iraqi would vote for the USA to be their White Knight. We and our influences are NOT wanted there. We’re only the terrible tasting medicine that they’ve swallowed to get rid of a near-fatal disease. Now they're trying to figure out how to take what's left of that medicine and pour it down the drain. Get out. Now!
• Ask a European or a citizen of any different country what the buzz is on their country’s streets about “W”. In my travels, I’ve never once heard a complimentary remark about Mr. President. We’re either the laughingstock of the world or, at best, we have their pity.

Oh, I’m tired of writing about this topic. This is beyond being stupid. I’ve got myself worked up and my true feelings are that this is evil. It’s not funny. Not just richer people (wink wink, nudge nudge) plotting against the poor stupid sheep. This presidency has simply been the beginning of the end. Take a good hard look at the Brits. That’s you, USA, in another 20 years. It took the Brits two world wars and 60+ more years to get into their situation. You’re doing it in a single generation. Buh bye.

Old W-04 stickers make me want to get violent.


phoenixdream said...

You tell 'em.

How many stirs for "Calvin Peeing" stickers? That's at least a two-finger neck punch, right?

Chris said...


Jenny Wegner said...

Shoot, Dad, you may be the least talkative person I know, but you sure can rant! I love reading em! I just came across this while I was looking at your facebook links. I think I get about as stirred up of Sarah Palin stickers. All I can think is, really? REALLY? That has to be a joke.

Jenny Wegner said...

*of = by